Yoga Retreats in Brandenburg

My vision to take you to Asia, a place where I have created so many amazing memories and have experienced so much healing and joy, has been put on hold.


Nevertheless, I still want to bring my dream of a special getaway experience to life. And I guess Brandenburg is almost as nice as Sri Lanka 😉​

​Reise zu dir selbst Retreat (DE)
17. - 19.09.2021

zusammen mit meiner Co-Host Leona von avec+


‚Zwischen Fernweh und Ankommen.
Entdecke neue Horizonte und dich selbst.‘


Preise (pro Person):
DZ  // Early Bird (bis 31.07.): 340 €  // Regulär: 390 €
EZ  // Early Bird (bis 31.07.): 395 €  // Regulär: 445 €



Yin & Yang Retreat VOL.2 (ENGL)
10.09. - 12.09.2021


Because the first Yin & Yang Retreat was booked out so quickly, here comes the second edition. 

Pricing and all other information (besides the dates) are the same as in the first one. 


Pricing (per person):
Double Room // Early Bird (until 31.07.): 295 €  // Regular: 335 €
Single Room // Early Bird (until 31.07.): 340 €  // Regular: 380 €


Yin & Yang Retreat (ENGL)
25. – 27.06.2021


‘Find your balance on this weekend retreat in nature.
Connect with yourself & others.
Discover stillness & movement.

Go within & release.’


Pricing (per person):
Double Room // Early Bird (until 30.04.): 295 €  // Regular: 335 €
Single Room // Early Bird (until 30.04.): 340 €  // Regular: 380 €


you can still sign up for the waiting list


Head over to the GALLERY to get a feeling for our location.



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Special case ‘Covid’: in case I/we have to cancel the retreat due to Covid-regulations, a full refund of the booking price is granted. If the retreat is postponed to another date (due to Covid-regulations), you can decide whether you still want to join or if you would prefer to get a full refund.

Yoga travels to Asia

retreat concept:

Asia, as I have gotten to know it during my trips, is: chaotic, invigorating, full of contrasts, stimulating, energetic, diverse, colourful, sometimes dirty, on occasion loud, never boring, will always pack a WOW moment. Click here for pictures.

My aspiration for our trip: Leave the daily routine behind, leave the familiar environment behind – walk on new paths, collect new impressions – space for spontaneity, space to fully focus on yourself. 



My (r)evolutionary travel concept: No strict planning, no luxury accommodation – but: Asia raw. I create the overarching travel frame (3-4 places, that we will visit); what the trip will look like in detail is up to the group. I am not here to tell you at which restaurant you will eat on day 6 at noon – we as a group will shape our way through Asia.