Yoga Retreats in Brandenburg & around Bremen

My vision to take you to Asia, a place where I have created so many amazing memories and have experienced so much healing and joy, has been put on hold.


Nevertheless, I still want to bring my dream of a special getaway experience to life. And I guess Brandenburg is almost as nice as Sri Lanka 😉​ 

After two wonderful retreats in Brandenburg in 2021, I will continue this year in Brandenburg and will also host one (or two) weekend retreats around Bremen. Who´s in?

Yin Yang Retreat VOL. 3 (ENGL)
17.-19.06.2022 (Brandenburg)

time to reflect, integrate & recharge


Pricing (per person):
Double Room // Early Bird (until 30.04.): 315 €  // Regular: 355 €
Single Room // Early Bird (until 30.04.): 360 €  // Regular: 400 €

yoga retreat brandenburg

almost booked out - just one spot in a Single Room available

Yoga Wochenende (DE)
08.-10.07.2022 (Bremer Umland)

Zeit für dich, für Yoga, für Erholung


Preise (pro Person):
DZ // Frühbucher (bis 22.05..): 315 €  // Regulär: 355 €
EZ // Frühbucher (bis  22.05..): 360 €  // Regulär: 400 €


Silent Retreat (ENGL)
02.-04.09.2022 (Brandenburg)

experience the beauty of silence


Pricing (per person):
Double Room // Early Bird (until 15.07.): 315 €  // Regular: 355 €
Single Room // Early Bird (until 15.07.): 360 €  // Regular: 400 €



Let me know which one and I will get back to you to confirm.

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“The retreat has been a beautiful experience. The combination of yoga, meditation, community, nature, and food was what we all needed to reflect and restart. The classes helped me to feel again calm and full of energy. I also loved the atmosphere we created as group and the possibility to share our feelings openly. I feel grateful to have taken time for myself.”

Chiara G.

Past Retreats

Yin Yang Retreat VOL. 2 (ENGL)
10.09. - 12.09.2021 (Brandenburg)

Because the first Yin Yang Retreat was such a wonderful experience, here comes the second edition. 

"Find balance between stillness & movement."



Yin & Yang Retreat VOL. 1 (ENGL)
25. – 27.06.2021 (Brandenburg)


‘Find your balance on this weekend retreat in nature.
Connect with yourself & others.
Discover stillness & movement.

Go within & release.’


Yoga travels to Asia

retreat concept:

Asia, as I have gotten to know it during my trips, is: chaotic, invigorating, full of contrasts, stimulating, energetic, diverse, colourful, sometimes dirty, on occasion loud, never boring, will always pack a WOW moment. Click here for pictures.

My aspiration for our trip: Leave the daily routine behind, leave the familiar environment behind – walk on new paths, collect new impressions – space for spontaneity, space to fully focus on yourself. 



My (r)evolutionary travel concept: No strict planning, no luxury accommodation – but: Asia raw. I create the overarching travel frame (3-4 places, that we will visit); what the trip will look like in detail is up to the group. I am not here to tell you at which restaurant you will eat on day 6 at noon – we as a group will shape our way through Asia.