My vision: You start your self-practice.

I want to equip you with the tools and empower you to feel like you can practice on your own. I don’t want to create another hierarchy, a teacher-student-dependency – my vision is fulfilled, when you don’t need me anymore.

My self-concept as a yoga teacher: Creating a space for my students, where they feel comfortable. Building a relationship that is based on mutual trust and honesty.


My principle: Free and constantly unfolding development, instead of strict instructions. Individual needs, instead of ‘one class fits all’.


That means for you: Train your awareness. Thereby, get to know your own abilities as well as your own limitations – respect them. Reflect on whether you are doing a posture, because your ego is telling you so, or because it feels good. Step deeper into your yoga – together with me as your teacher. Discover your body´s inherent intelligence, that will tell you what is best for you. Decide yourself, what your yoga practice will look like. 

"Janice is exceptionally good at pitching yoga classes to different abilities and making sure that everyone is included. I found her sessions to be challenging but also very peaceful and relaxing."

Isabel V.

My yoga style is based on the Yin&Yang-concept – the Taoist philosophy that in everything there are always two relative qualities present. Cold & warm – static & dynamic – stillness & movement. Both qualities in balance expresses itself as harmony in life.


The Yang-part of the practice is active, we are working on the muscles, are building up strength and stamina. During the Yin-part we are holding passive postures for several minutes to work on the deeper connective tissue in our bodies in order to mobilize and strengthen our joints, ligaments and deep fascial network.


To complement this, I use Pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).