Yoga Videos

Hello my beautiful yoga friends!


My YouTube-channel is up and running and you can practice with me in the convenience of your own home.


I am offering a variety of yoga styles (Yin&Yang, Vinyasa/Hatha Flow, Yin); the videos are ranging from 30 to 90 minutes.

The classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners, at times more advanced variations are given. Continuously check in with your body and your breath, to decided for yourself which asanas and variations work for you and which ones don’t. Make this your yoga practice.


Roll out your mat and get started!

Have fun, Janice

If you like to listen to music during your practice, check out my Spotify playlists here.

(my favourite ones are Slow Yoga, Flow Yoga and Yin)

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Thank you.

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"Thanks to Janice I got to know many different aspecs of yoga, like Yoga Nidra which I had never heard of before. She has a lot of experience and knowledge of yoga.
I particularly liked the peace she conveyed and her clear way of teaching."

Daphne H.