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Grounding, Connecting & Entering the Present Moment – Yin Yang Retreat Vol. 2 – Review & Insights

Over the past 2 months I have been struggling a lot with my energy levels. I´ve been feeling quite low, not having enough energy to step on my mat for my self-practice. I was so affected by the ups and downs of the world around me; the collective heaviness and madness was weighing me down.

My personal intention for this retreat was to find grounding and connect to myself. By re-finding this I can share this and pass it on to others. When feeling grounded and connected, I am feeling safe in this world, and I can go beyond all fears.

In our journaling session one of the key insights was that all our fearful thoughts and worries are based on events and scenarios in the future. Whichever stressful, anxiety-filled thought you are thinking, it always relates to a future scenario that hasn’t even happened yet.

The future does not exist. The future is not an actual place that you can go to. The future only exists in your head, your mind is making it seem real. But in the end, all that happens, happens in the present moment. All there is, is the NOW.

How beautiful is this once it really sinks in?!

It makes me endlessly grateful that during the retreat I am able to create the space and hold the space for my participants for these transformational insights to come up and sink in.


Here are some impressions from the retreat:

So many of my yin yang yogi(ni)s shared in our closing circle, that this weekend gave them time for themselves. That it was like a bubble to come back to themselves, come back into being more present.

And that it has inspired them to allocate more time for themselves in their daily lifes, for practices like journaling and / or just resting more, taking more breaks.

Weekends like these provide you with a break, a break from your regular life. You are stepping out of your regular life and by creating this distance you can look at your regular life as if it was someone else´s. You can see more clearly when you are not fully entangled in it. Things that you didn’t and couldn’t see before because you were to close, now become apparent. You see clearly what you need. You see space and opportunities where there were none before. You can act now instead of merely function. You can see that you are the creator of your life.

Life is working for you, not against you. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are going, exactly where you are supposed to be going. You are perfectly fine. Life is working for you.


Thank you to all participants for joining, for taking the time for yourself, for being open and sharing about your experiences, for showing vulnerability. Sending big hugs to you all.

Thank you, Marie for providing us with your amazing food. Your biggest fear of not cooking enough didn’t come true (again 😉).


For next year, I am planning to host at least one retreat (potentially two) in Brandenburg at the same location again (more location pics here).

Maybe doing one as a silent retreat (as this idea come up during Yin Yang Retreat Vol. 1 and over this weekend as well).

Besides this I would also like to do a retreat somewhere around Bremen.

Plenty of ideas, nothing set in stone yet.

If you want to be among the first ones the be notified about my upcoming retreats, send me your email address (fill in the form here). You will receive the exact dates and info before I make them available to the general public.


Thank you all, thank you universe for providing me with the opportunity to create such magical weekends. I´m leaving the weekend feeling content that what I am doing and sharing is exactly what I am here for.

See you online, in-person, in class, on the mat, at the next retreat. LOVE!

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