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Taking risks & having faith

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Current learnings: Letting go of old things without having a back-up plan, without having something to follow up in its place. Taking the risk (or what most of us would perceive as a risk) to quit something without the security of having something new to follow up in its place. Having faith that by letting go of the old, space is created for something new to come in.


Without going much into detail: Recently I had to let go of one of my incomes. The decision was easy, as I no longer felt that our mentalities and values were matching. Working in alignment with my values, with what feels right has become one of my guiding principles on my path of self-employment. Therefore, this decision was easy, but at the same time it felt like a big thing as I don’t have a back-up plan, something else to replace it with (yet).


Back in the day I would have been numbed by fear and worry, causing me to stay in the situation until I had found a “replacement”. This need for financial/economic safety many of us share.

The ease and clarity with what I followed through with letting go of the old (I knew instantly that I had to leave, and made the final call less than 24 hours later), showed me that my mindset has changed. There is no fear or worry present in my mind regarding my financial and economical situation. I rather think that letting go of the old creates space for something new to come in.

Being comfortable with sitting in the gap, in the emptiness in between, not knowing when (not saying if, because there is always something new coming) and what will be coming next, can be challenging. We are so trained to always have things planned out, to have some kind of “life-masterplan”, that gives a false sense of security. ‘False’ because in the end there is no security, you can plan as much as you want, but you will never have total control over outcomes.

I´m feeling a deep sense of trust and faith, a knowing that something else will come into my life now that I have created space. Something that is more in line with my values and my mentality. Something that matches with my current vibrational state. I see this as an opportunity, as if life is asking me to grow.

I also believe that this new thing would not be coming into my life if I´d stay with the old. By staying with the old I wouldn’t have free capacities (time and energy) to receive and take on something new.

Taking the leap and letting go of the old does not trigger my worry for financial and economic security, it actually propels me into a state of excitement (not nervous excitement, but joyous child-like excitement). Excitement for whatever new is coming. I know that whatever new thing is coming will be more in line with my current state of being. I know that be living from my heart, by pursuing only that which feels right, I will draw in projects and people that will match this frequency.

The more I feel into myself and listen to my heart, the more I live and act in line with the most authentic version of my current self, the more it seems that things are just falling into place. I feel free to pursue what feels good and right with the underlying deep knowing that everything is okay.

That doesn’t mean I can sit back and relax, and just let the universe do its magic. There is a time and place for that, but one also has to create the circumstances for this unfolding to happen first.

You attract whatever matches your current vibration. Raise your vibration (by acting from your authentic self, by letting your heart guide you) and you will draw in events that match this frequency. Be okay with sitting in the unknown, have faith in the unfolding of events and look forward with excitement to the new to come.


Have you been in a situation where you felt the strong need to release of something old? Did you have a back-up plan or did you jump anyway?


I have created a meditation to work on taking risks and having faith. You can find it on Insight Timer and on my YouTube channel.

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