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Making the ‘right’ decision, failure and following intuition.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

When a decision is to be made, we take time to assess possible outcomes, possible consequences. We map out in our heads what happens if we go with option A, we plan it through what will happen if we go with option B. We want to make the right choice, the right decision.

We think that if we make the wrong decision, we will experience negative undesired consequences, a setback on our life path. That we will be judged by others for our downfall. That we will experience feelings such as shame and embarrassment related to our failure.


Decision making seems to be a challenging process for most of us. We are worried about making the ‘wrong’ choice. Sometimes these worries are so strong that we get stuck. Trapped in this limbo in between decisions, in between life stages, where our old life-situation no longer feels fitting for us, but the next step is not around the corner yet.

Making a decision and taking the next step seem scary. And yes, stepping into the unknown requires faith and courage. But we have become so worried about making the wrong choice, about experiencing failure, that we often don’t make a decision at all. That we stay in this in-between-phase for way too long.

In our society failure seems to not exist as an option. Most people are trying to avoid failing at all costs. Most people go for the ‘safe’ option which won´t make them genuinely happy, but at least there won´t be shame and embarrassment involved. Taking risks has become too scary in the face of failure.

Making a decision has become very head bound. We analyse the different options, go through possible scenarios

and consequences. We assess which of our options has the highest likelihood of success.

When you live under the believe that a decision can be right or wrong, when we believe that failure is not an option and that if it still happens even in spite of the best decision-planning shame and embarrassment will follow, decision making will always be a tricky endeavour.

I have come to the conclusion that a decision can neither be right nor wrong, that there is no such thing as a good or a bad decision. In this equation failure also does not exist.

Of course, there will always be consequences to whatever decision you make. But if we change our believes and don’t categorise the consequences as success or as failure, but simply as experiences, the pressure of making the ‘right’ decision is gone.

‘Failure’ becomes an option, it is not followed by shame and embarrassment. ‘Failure’ is just an experience that guides us towards something bigger and better, something that will be more in line with who we are/who we want to be.

When the pressure of making the ‘right’ decision is lifted, we can go more easily about our choices and steps. This relieves us of meticulously mapping out our options with potential consequences. When we become less head-bound, the voice of our hearts, our intuition, becomes audible again.

Have you ever been in a situation where the next step just became so obvious to you that there was no actual decision making involved?

This happens when you follow your heart, your intuition, your inner guide, when you are in touch with your life purpose. One move seamlessly translates into the next step, there is no force, no worry, you flow from one life experience into the next stage without effort.

Decision making becomes graceful when you follow your heart, your intuition. It turns into something exciting because you know that whatever will be waiting for you around the corner is a valuable life experience, one that will lead you closer to who you want to become in this life.

When your intuition becomes your compass, navigating decisions becomes a beautiful journey. You are choosing and creating experiences that allow you to become who you want to be, you are allowing your soul´s purpose to express itself.


You can find my guided meditation 'Navigating Decisions. Following Intuition.' either on Insight Timer or on my YouTube channel.

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