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Personal Yoga (for 1-2 people)

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

One of the most popular formats of practicing yoga these days are group classes in a studio. If you are on your yoga journey you have most likely been to a group class in a studio setting (or these days joined a live-streaming group class).

Looking back at the origins of yoga in India group classes haven´t always been the most common way of teaching and practicing. Back in the day it was by far more common that you learn yoga one-on-one. With the guru (=teacher) guiding you on your personal yoga journey. For (economic) reasons and since yoga has exploded in the (Western) world, we have seen a shift away from personal to group classes.

And I do love group classes. The energy that gets created during a group class are phenomenal; the vibration of the whole room is being raised which is inspiring and grounding at the same time.

BUT: As we all know, everyone is different. Every body is different, everyone comes to yoga with their individual needs (physical, mental, emotional) and requirements.

When joining a group class your individual needs and requirements might not be met. By nature of a group class (quite often with high class numbers of more than 20 students), the teacher simply cannot constantly keep an eye on every single student.

My personal teaching approach in group classes is that I am giving general cues that I have learned over the years will benefit most students. If I see a student struggling to get into a pose, I will also give personal cues.

Tailoring cues and adjustments to the individual´s needs is also possible in a group setting. But will nowhere be as detailed and efficient as in a personal yoga class.

In a private class the student benefits from receiving the full attention of the teacher.

I always start my personal yoga classes even before the first session with a short intro questionnaire. This way I can already get a much deeper understanding of the person that I will be teaching.

During the personal classes there is a lot of room for immediate feedback. I am constantly observing and inquiring about how my student feels; thereby getting to know the person´s body, their range of motion and their physical limitations.

We are working with a personal intention set by the student of what they are wishing yoga to help them with. Personal classes give you the time and space to fully focus on yourself; on your body as well as on your mental and emotional state (which is something we rarely do in our everyday life). Dedicating this time to yourself, to introspection, to feeling, you are establishing a firm connection with yourself. Which has the potential to expanding from your yoga mat out into every area of your life.

Yoga has the potential for great personal transformation. Not just on a physical level, but also on a mental and emotional level.


Start and/or deepen your journey now with a personal yoga class.

Send me an email (, reach out via Instagram or through my contact form.


How much?

for 1:

65-85€* for 60 mins, 80-110€* for 90 mins

for 2:

85-115€* for 60 mins, 110-145€* for 90 mins

*within the given price range, you decide what you pay


in-person or online

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