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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I don´t even know why I didn’t come up with this earlier 😄

From now on you can purchase gift-vouchers for my various yoga offerings.

Voucher gift ideas:

  • a ‘Yoga in the City’ class (in-person or online) (10-15 € for one class, 45-65 € for a 5 Class Pass)

  • a personal 1:1 yoga class (in-person or online) (65-85 € in person, 50-70 € online)

  • a 2:1 yoga class (yoga for two, e.g. with your best friend) (85-115 € in person, 70-100 € online)

  • participation in a workshop or a special event (depending on planned events 20-60€)

  • a spot at one of my yoga retreats (315-400 €)

  • your very own idea

The vouchers can be sent online or via post.


To me, giving someone ‘yoga’ as a present, means giving time for self-care as a present. Time where the focus is fully on oneself, one´s needs and wishes. Time to relax, surrender, dive into one´s inner world. Time to reflect, change perspectives and create space for something new.

Give away time for self-care with a yoga voucher.

If you have any questions regarding the individual yoga offerings or if you want to purchase a voucher, reach out via email (, my contact form or via Instagram.

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