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Meeting Fear

Fear has never been a good advisor.
Fear has never been a good base for decisions.
Fear has never been a constructive force.

Fear keeps you hostage. Fear keeps you small – captured in a limited perception of the world, a limited perception of your own abilities.

Fear leaves no room for possibilities, for options, for growth, for transformation. Fear keeps you trapped in a world of limitations and lack. Fear keeps you trapped in a life that doesn’t feel right. A life that doesn’t feel right because it isn’t right.

Fear disguises as the voice of reason. Fear appeals to your need for safety and security. But fear speaks out of lack and worry. Fear lives in a world where you have something to lose.


But what is there to lose?

Your possessions? Your achievements? Your comforts? Your family and friends? Your health?

In life (physical life in this material world) there is ALWAYS something to ‘lose’. In the end you will lose your life altogether.


For me there is a liberating way to look at the aspect of ‘losing’:

What if you NEED to lose something in order for your inner self to find its true expression, in order for you to find your true purpose?

We often perceive ‘losing something’ as unfortunate, as undesirable. But out of losing something, something else is emerging.

Reframing ‘losing’ into ‘letting go’ transforms you from the passive victim to the active creator.

If you perceive yourself as the passive victim, life is a continuous act of losing something. If you perceive yourself as the active creator, life is a continuous act of letting go and allowing space for something new to emerge.

Letting go encompasses non-attachment, acceptance, and trust. Non-attachment to whatever you think you have; full acceptance of whatever situation presents itself; full trust into yourself and a higher power (you may call this higher power universe, God, whatever you wish).

When you master the art of letting go, you realise there is NOTHING TO LOSE. In this process fear diminishes and eventually fades away fully.

When you leave fear behind, you are met with the knowing that everything will be alright. That everything is alright. That you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.


Imagine that you couldn’t think fear. Feel fear…

How would your life be different? Would you make different decisions? Would you risk more?

It´s fear that keeps you small, caught in situations that no longer suit you, caught in conditions you are longing to overcome.

Your passions and dreams are wanting to be lived. Your inner nature, your essence is longing for expression.

You are here to express yourself. You are here to create who you want to be. You are not here to live a shadow life – a shadow self. You are here to shine your brightest self out into the world.

Fear is not helpful in this process. Fear is not a good base for decisions. Fear is not a good advisor. Fear is not a constructive force.

Fear is limiting.

Fear is narrow-minded.

Fear is destructive.


I am not saying that I am completely fearless (I am not, even though I do believe that it´s possible to absolutely fearless).

I am advocating that when fear arises you are not following its guidance.

Instead meet your fear with kindness. Hold your fear in compassion. Hold yourself in compassion. Fear is not your enemy. It´s okay to experience fear. But don’t let fear guide you in your life, dominate your life. When fear arises, don´t let it take over, allow it to be there for a moment, respect it, but meet it with the knowing that you are not living your life out of fear. Meet it with the knowing that you are living your life out of trust and love.

Meet your fear with courage. With the courage to do what you feel (deep within know) to be the right thing. Take the next step in spite of fear. Even when fear is present you can consciously decide to go against it – going against fear and going with love, courage and trust into the direction that you know to be right.

Meet your fear with kindness, compassion, love, courage and trust.

Meet your fear with the knowing that everything is alright.


How do you meet your fear(s)?


You can find my corresponding meditation on my YouTube channel and on the meditation App InsightTimer.


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