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My coachings are not about providing you with a prefabricated solution of how your transformation, the journey towards yourself should look like. I am creating a safe space so that you yourself recognise your inherent potentials and resources, discover new perspectives and insights, and thereby create your very own path towards self-actualisation.


I am working with people that are up for a change, that have realised that they are the creator of their life. Whatever has caused your inner voice to become louder – a job matter, an interpersonal conflict, a decision to be made or the general wish for something new – you are ready to walk new ways.


Equally as the Mount Everest is not climbed within one day, but step by step, are my coachings commonly the first step on the journey towards a fulfilled life for my clients.

Die Natur genießen

Your first step: Vibe call

You are ready for a change? Then book your first check-in call for free

(15 min, phone call or via Zoom). 

You are telling me about your matter and - more importantly - we get to know each other, so that you can decide whether I am the right coach to accompany you on the journey towards yourself. 

In my programs you are embarking on the journey towards yourself. It´s a deeply transformational process and requires courage – courage to look, where you haven’t looked before – and the desire truly change something.


Are you ready?

‘coming home to yourself’ - Bundle 1

10 weeks with 6 Sessions (60 min each, online via Zoom) and WhatsApp/Telegram Support –

1.880 € (Payment by instalments possible)


Suitable for whom?

Certain topics and beliefs are coming up again and again and are sabotaging you on your life path? It feels like you are stuck in one or another area of your life?

Then embark on the journey to yourself – in these 6 sessions you will leave behind firmly held beliefs and mental barriers, facilitates yourself a connection your most inner self and starts out on your new life chapter.

‘coming home to yourself’ - Bundle 2

16 weeks with 10 Sessions (60 min each, online via Zoom) and WhatsApp/Telegram Support – 2.390 € (Payment by instalments possible)


Suitable for whom?

If feels like you are going in circles with your issues and that you are trapped in your own life? You are longing for change and you want to feel free and in your own power?

Then embark you the transformative journey to yourself – in these 10 sessions you will discover what is truly important to you, you´ll leave the old behind and walk concrete steps on your personal path towards greater self-love and self-actualisation.

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